sudo lshw -class display


This is mainly for my own benefit when reloading my system.  But here are the packages that i actually use.

sudo apt-get install build-essential wireshark gnucash ddd eclipse gcc vlc k9copy dvdrip xine-ui ubuntu-restricted-extras vim vim-gnome checkgmail ssh openvpn xchat-gnome subversion autoconf libtool g++ clamav clamav-daemon apt-file lernid valgrind gitk git-gui pidgin ekiga gtg hamster-applet inkscape blender dia quanta netbeans nmap tremulous wesnoth scorched3d flightgear nexuiz bzflag fretsonfire supertuxkart glest torcs nethack-console warzone2100 alien-arena gfceu openarena extremetuxracer smc wormux amarok

I have been looking at this setup for a while and it has convinced me to move to more than two monitors.