Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install fakeroot build-essential crash kexec-tools makedumpfile kernel-wedge
sudo apt-get build-dep linux
sudo apt-get install git-core libncurses5 libncurses5-dev libelf-dev asciidoc binutils-dev

Checkout the latest sources

In firefox go to and pick the branch you want to build.

cd ~
git clone git://

Configure options for your sustem

cd linux-2.6
make defconfig
lsmod > myModules.txt
lpr myModules.txt
make menuconf (add the modules that you think you need for your hardware, the printout should help)

Make and Install the Kernel
sudo su
make modules_install
make install

Make and Install the Init Ramdisk

update-initramfs -c -k 2.6.x.y (whatever the folder is named in /lib/modules

Update GRUB2


Reboot and select new kernel

Undo all of this (If things go bad)

If this does not work lets delete the kernel you installed.
At boot hold down shift and grub2 should show you the kernels you can boot from.  Select the old one.
This should get you up and running again.

Delete the new kernel

sudo su
cd /boot
rm *.38 (or whatever the postfix on your kernel is)
cd /lib/modules
rm -r *.38 (or whatever the postfix on your kernel is)

Reboot and it will be like you never installed your custom kernel