This is mainly for my own benefit when reloading my system.  But here are the packages that i actually use.

sudo apt-get install build-essential wireshark gnucash ddd eclipse gcc vlc k9copy dvdrip xine-ui ubuntu-restricted-extras vim vim-gnome checkgmail ssh openvpn xchat-gnome subversion autoconf libtool g++ clamav clamav-daemon apt-file lernid valgrind gitk git-gui pidgin ekiga gtg hamster-applet inkscape blender dia quanta netbeans nmap tremulous wesnoth scorched3d flightgear nexuiz bzflag fretsonfire supertuxkart glest torcs nethack-console warzone2100 alien-arena gfceu openarena extremetuxracer smc wormux amarok


I have the problem that most users on the internet have of wanting to have a VPN connection between their house and their relatives for easy file sharing and for the ability to repair their computers through VNC if possible.  Both residences have dynamic IP addresses.  This makes it hard to run most VPN software because most require at least one static IP address.

My solution was two Linksys WRT54GL routers running DDWRT.  In addition the routers run DDNS with, have custom OpenVPN scripts and dnsmasq.

Here is a great howto that i found on the openvpn setup

Have had this installed on Ubuntu for 2 days now and really like it.  Its called snackr and works with Adobe air.  I have all my favorite news headlines scrolling by and i also have my twitter feed going to it so i can see what all my friends are up to.  Really handy

Productivity Setup


Here is something that i have been working on this week.  Trying to get my life organized.

I have switched to this setup for not forgetting my appointments and accomplishing more.  A todo list and a calender were what i needed.  Both my todo list and calender are synced to the web.  So i can get to them from the iPhone, Work or home.

I have this all displayed on my custom iGoogle page so that every time i get on the web i see whats coming up on my schedule and what do i need to do today.

Its not prefect.  But much better than what i had.

I can now type my grocerys into toodledo and just look at the iPhone when i am at Kroger.  When im at the fridge and run out of something i just add it to the iphone list.

Services used:
Google Calender

Iphone programs used:
To Do
Google Sync

PC programs used: